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PEARLS of Wisdom…

By Julian Smith I recently wrote a blog based on one of my short presentations I give to job seekers, called ‘show ‘em your PECS!’, so now I thought I’d offer up another blog based on a second presentation I give entitled ‘Julian’s PEARLS (of wisdom!)’.   It’s a tongue-in-cheek title, if you don’t know … Continue reading

If you want to impress, then work on those PECS!

By Julian Smith I’ve spoken on topics such as ‘how to write the perfect CV’ and ‘how to get the perfect charity job’ and recently I took part in a horizon-scanning event at The Open University, talking about what employers look for. There were several people on the panel, including one from the banking sector, … Continue reading

Mindful Networking at the I Am Group

Last night we kicked off our first networking event of the year with a refreshingly interactive talk on Mindfulness. Led by guest speaker Juliet Adams, a professional coach who trains leaders across the country – not least the Houses of Parliament – we learnt how mindfulness can help us to manage pain, make smarter business … Continue reading

You too can be Trustee – Guest Post by Bilwa Iyer, Reaching Volunteering

Have you ever considered trusteeship? Many of us volunteer our time to causes that are close to our hearts but even some of the most dedicated, long term volunteers have failed to consider trusteeship as something they could actually do. As a trustee recruiter and trustee myself, I often find that few people know about … Continue reading

Could you be a Trustee?

I’ve written blogs before on what becoming a charity trustee can potentially do for your career, so it was interesting to read an article in a recent Evening Standard (Monday 27 October) about the career-boosting benefits of becoming a trustee – but the article was a little light in content, pretty one-sided and a teeny-weeny … Continue reading

Why interviews fail…

Recruitment – and given that I’ve devoted the last thirteen years of my life to it, you’d expect me to say this – is an art form. Just like any other process, there is a right way and a wrong way to recruit. If your organisation has failed to recruit the right staff, the problem … Continue reading

What does it really matter if companies hire based on looks?

Julian Smith One of my friends was recently looking for a job in retail, and was told by somebody that with his looks, he should apply for a job in a well-known, high-end fashion brand. It made me wonder about the same friend’s options if he hadn’t been born quite so good looking; would they … Continue reading

Making recruiters work for you!

  Julian Smith The recruitment industry doesn’t have an equivalent of the ‘Magic Circle’, so I’m not likely to be struck off or disbarred, but I am hoping to be cold-shouldered by my less ethical peers within the sector as I attempt to lift the lid on an industry not widely known for best practice. … Continue reading

Who’s afraid of a little networking?

  Julian Smith Striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know isn’t difficult. In the days before social media took over our lives, talking to strangers was a surprisingly easy thing to do. Cast your mind back to a more innocent, tech-free era, and you’ll realise that it was only by talking to people … Continue reading

Interview dos and don’ts

  Julian Smith   I’ve recently been interviewing for some really high-level roles (Director-level upwards), and at this level, you might automatically assume that candidates produce a stellar interview performance. In which case, you’d be wrong. Strip away the years of experience, and some of the candidates made what I’d call ‘rookie errors’, so I … Continue reading

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