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Our blog has moved!

Our blog has now moved to As well as blogs, you’ll find information on our latest jobs in charities and professional membership associations and networking events. We look forward to seeing you there! Advertisements

Being a Young Trustee by Felicity Christensen

Felicity Christensen Whilst the average age of a trustee in England and Wales is 57, a rising number of younger people are embracing the opportunity to become actively involved in the governing of charities across the sector. 2015 was the year I decided to take this step by becoming the youngest member on the board for Darjeeling … Continue reading

How to Create a Shining CV by Josie Hai Diep

Do you sometimes struggle with knowing what to put on your CV that would appeal to the employer? Unsure of how to make your CV stand out from the competition? Read on for tried and tested top tips I have used in helping people become unstuck and to make their CV shine. A CV is … Continue reading

Chatting to Rock Stars and Asking for Money: the Lessons of NLP for Major Donor Fundraisers

Imagine standing in the Ritz, nervously waiting for your all-time hero for walk through the door. They arrive to be greeted by a media frenzy and work their way through the room saying hello to everyone until finally they get to you. What do you say? This is the picture Paul Cartwright, certified NLP trainer … Continue reading

PEARLS of Wisdom…

By Julian Smith I recently wrote a blog based on one of my short presentations I give to job seekers, called ‘show ‘em your PECS!’, so now I thought I’d offer up another blog based on a second presentation I give entitled ‘Julian’s PEARLS (of wisdom!)’.   It’s a tongue-in-cheek title, if you don’t know … Continue reading

If you want to impress, then work on those PECS!

By Julian Smith I’ve spoken on topics such as ‘how to write the perfect CV’ and ‘how to get the perfect charity job’ and recently I took part in a horizon-scanning event at The Open University, talking about what employers look for. There were several people on the panel, including one from the banking sector, … Continue reading

The tickler, the pulse-taker, and the initiator: learning how to network at the I Am group

No this is not the set up to a joke, but a snapshot of the many eye opening revelations we were treated to last night by executive coach and networking guru, Jhumar Johnson, at her interactive workshop entitled: ‘The Art of Networking’. The interim Head of Fundraising for the Open University and the Managing Director … Continue reading

Everything’s coming in 3’s today…. as we celebrate our 3rd birthday!

Three of the best! We’re celebrating our 3rd birthday today and we’d like to thank you and everyone who has given us huge support over the last 3 years! We’ve worked with hundreds of amazing charities, thousands of candidates and welcomed over 5,000 delegates to over 150 events, as well as being asked to partner … Continue reading

Why being vegan isn’t that strange, by guest blogger, Philip Mansbridge, UK Director at IFAW

I just read that there’s a green cat wandering around Bulgaria, that someone just paid $78k for a letter written to Marilyn Monroe, and that a driver has just been jailed after blaming his dog for speeding. Now for me, all of these things seem a bit weird, but strangely when I tell people that … Continue reading

Hello! Wishing all I Am followers a very Happy Christmas and peaceful time over the holiday period and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year! For anyone who might be job hunting over the holidays, we have some great roles that we’re currently recruiting for early January, so do get in touch and … Continue reading

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